Welding and Fabrication

Naylor's Custom Metal Cutting takes welding a little too seriously sometimes, for instance we TIG welded lawn decorations for 5 plus years because the process was cleaner, penetration was better, and the appearance was superior. Well, maybe that was overkill.. But everything we sold looked like it was welded by a good hand. Probably no one even noticed, haha but we didn't care, those are the best welded pumpkins in the great state of Wisconsin no question. And even today we use certified Starrett machine squares to check our corners; again overkill? But that's just who we are and it's just sort of pervasive hyper-sensitivity to quality that's present in all aspects of our company.

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We can join any common material; stainless steel alloys, carbon steel alloys, any aluminum alloy, aluminum and steel castings, we've done a little brazing and a little copper. So we're pretty well versed in our materials, but we're also pretty well versed in our processes and where to use them. We use spray transfer MIG for the most part because we like the results and don't mind positioning parts. Stainless steel TIG is our second most commonly used process, we do a lot of stainless frames for food processing companies. Short circuit on carbon steel is probably most common actually, but only by volume, we churn out a lot of tanks and tank stands for the aquaponics industry. But if we were to compare processes by how many feet of weld, no doubt spray transfer.

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Mig Welding

WeldingPicMIG welding or GMAW is perhaps the most common form of welding used in the industry and also probably the most misunderstood. It's a complicated process involving wire speed, voltage, gas and no small amount of skill. What's important to know is that it's fast, efficient, and you can use it for all common materials. Check our gallery for for examples on carbon and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.

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Tig Welding

masonstigpicGTAW welding more commonly known as TIG is a widely versatile welding process we use mostly on aluminum and stainless steel for it's cleanliness, temperature/fill control, and uniform weld pattern. It's a very technical process and requires a great deal of skill to perform. It looks great and produces a very strong weld, check out some of our finer work!

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Stick Welding

Stick welding goes by many names SMAW, MMA, MMAW but the guys that use it all day call it stick. We used our Syncrowave for stick welding because it's settable for AC or DC Electrode positive or negative, so we can burn any type of rod they make. 6011, 6013, 7018, 7024, 4043, 308 all types of different rods for different materials and different applications. Stick is the most easily versatile welding process in the world, because with Mig or Tig you made need to switch wire, change gas, play with feed rate, and all those other things with stick you pick up a new rod turn a knob and flip a switch, turn and burn let your own skill do the work. SMAW welding isn't something we do a lot of in our shop, but it's something we're well versed in none the less.

Spot Welding

Resistance spot welding isn't something we do a whole lot of but it is something we can do. We're always trying to expand our capabilities and spot welding is just another tool in our wheel house. At 220 Volts, 90 amps we can do some pretty decent thicknesses as far as the process is concerned.