Rent the Room

We rent our room for a lot of different types of people. Some guys have a project they want to get painted, but have to strip the existing paint and rust off, they're looking to save some cash and know they can do it themselves. Other gals may be making some money with it, offering their services sandblasting for $75/hr, paying us $50/hr and taking home $25/hr that's not a bad micro business. Or it could be something as little as you've got a rusty old hinge or a corroded coat hook and why buy a new one when it just needs to be cleaned. And it's something we encourage, for us our sandblasting isn't so much about making a profit as it is ensuring we produce quality powder coated parts. And we're not taking anyone to the cleaners for our abrasive blasting services, we're just looking to help folks work on their DIY projects. We know there are painters and powder coaters that don't have the capabilities we have and we're here to help!

So come on by check out the room, see what we've got!

The room is available whenever we're not using it! Call us to set something up or check availability.

We'll train you on it's operation and some basic safety precautions.


Hearing protection and gloves are available.


We suggest you wear long sleeve and pants.


Our sandblasting room is 30 x 30 x 12 with an over head door, and forklift accessible for the big stuff.


We have a Nova 3000 abrasive blasting hood hooked up to a filtered air pump which is air conditioned.


We will fully fill the sandblasting system for you before you get here, and will refill it for you if necesarry.


If you want us to do the dusty work our rate is $75/hour


Room is available for $50/hr so you save $25/hr