Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive Media Blasting, so simple and yet so complicated. Bombarding metals with tiny bits of sand comes easily to us though; it's really no big deal when you've got the stuff. It's a dusty dirty job but we've got the amenities to make sandblasting one of the nicest easiest jobs in the place. Top of the line air conditioned blasting hoods, ample lighting, constant air pressure, sand reclaim system, and of course some tunes makes sandblasting a nice get away. For guys like us it's nice to be able to turn off our brains and do something easy for a couple hours, or days. Or weeks. Whatever.

There's no two ways about it, everything we powder coat has to be sandblasted first. Sandblasting texturizes the base metal; give it an ideal profile for powder to adhere to. An unprofiled surface will NOT give powder coating the footing required in order to be considered truly chip resistant, which is a big deal to powder coaters touting the superiority of powder over paint. An improperly prepared substrate will compromise the normal attributes that go along with powder coating. Creep resistance, chip resistance, and impact resistance most notably which basically means you have a fancy coating that’s just waiting for that one good ding to do it in. Good powder coating can take some abuse, and good powder coating stems from good surface preparation.

             Sandblasting the Sign     Sandblasting Heat Exchanger     Thunderbird Frame Sandblasted
But abrasive blasting isn’t limited to in house prep work for powder coating. We use it to finish stainless steel, glaze glass, and clean things up that aren’t getting powder coated. Anything you can shoot out of that hose can be used to clean, scrub, buff, antique, or polish any material. That means, sand, aluminum oxide, glass beads, walnut shells, corn cob, plastic media, garnet, crushed glass.. and you can spray it at any common metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber.. the results may vary but we won’t tell you no!

We think we’ve got a very easy to use sandblasting set up. Its electric controls are fast and unlike many other sandblasting units, turns off when you let off the trigger; with very little wind down time. We have the right equipment to make it easy. So we rent it out for a very cheap $50/hr. Do we make a lot of money do it this way? Not really, but it’s a service we offer to our customers sort of as a courtesy. And we hope you’ll take full advantage of it!