Paint vs Powder

So why choose powder coating over wet paint? Let's start with efficiency, the term transfer efficiency refers to how much material makes it from the painting unit onto the part and stays there. Powder coating because of its electrostatic properties comes in at about 75% efficient. Meaning 3/4 of all the powder you pay for is actually on the part you are receive. While with paint has a transfer efficiency of only about 30% that's a bit more than a 50% difference. Translated to dollars; that's money saved.

Secondly lets address cost, this is a no brainer because the base product of powder coating is plastic and is fantastically cheap when compared to an equivalent amount of paint. So in terms of cost/lbs.' of powder vs cost/unit of paint the choice is going to be clear. But in addition to that, powder coating once cured is finished and curing only takes 20 minutes. And it's a plastic, so you can pack a powder coated item before it's cool enough to touch and not affect the finish one bit which makes packaging and shipping easy. Paint can take days to dry completely, meaning there is increased risk of defects.

Thirdly I want to talk about work place safety and envrionmental consciousness, which has always been a real weak point for paint. Because paint must contain VOCs in order for it to dry, workers must wear masks to protect them from vapors that an quickly overwhelm and do serious long term damage. A factory must implement air cleaning systems and ventilation that can catch those gases and prevent them from escaping into the environment. But because powder coatings transfer efficiency is so much better and because it is a solid the safety equipment workers wear and the filtration systems factories like us use can capture the solid particles significantly easier. And because we contain all the powder, scarce amounts make it into the environment.

The final and biggest difference between paint and powder is durability. The funny thing about paint is that it can't really bend, so if something is flexed the paint chips. Powder coating has incredible flexibility and impact resistance due to its plastic properties, it's not invincible but the finished powder coated product has a finish twice as thick that's flexible, impact resistant and chemical resistant.