Naylors Custom Metal Cutting got its start doing the wholesale grind. Ben started off in his garage cutting up, bending out and welding together decorations, powder coating them and selling and gifting them to friends and family. That ballooned into a full scale business in metal cutting, powder coating and welding. Between then and now, we've done a lot of creative powder coating for our decorative lines particularly our former spring and summer lines which involved at least two, often times FIVE layers of powder. These products where tedious items to paint requiring a metallic base coat, a candy gel coat, prismatic additive, and multiple clear coats! It gave us the experience to confidently take on jobs other places wouldn't even consider. But for good reason, one mistake is a costly mistake, and it's all over. Bake it off. Blast it again, and start over.


Here we get it right the first time, because what some companies consider "trick painting" is a part of what Naylors Custom Metal Cutting was founded on.