No we don't have a big automated powder coating line, with crews of guys hanging parts on conveyor systems. No computer controlled powder coating guns shifting up and down covering most of the part before the final powder crew fills in all the thin and missed spots. We do it all ourselves and having done four of our own production lines, around 87 items, including spring and summer lawn decorations that can require up to FIVE coats of powder and multiple layers of additives we're confident in our ability to take on the same jobs the 'big guys' can do. And because of our system we can quickly do additional primer coats or clear coats on any item, big or small.

Our powder coating operation is geared towards powder coating big, big stuff. It's sort of in people's heads that if it's big, and heavy, and difficult to move it has to be wet painted. But that's simply not true anymore now that powder coating outfits like us have the facilities and equipment to tackle those big jobs. And those big jobs are exactly where you want the improved durability of a powder coated finish. Because refinishing, huge skids, dump boxes, modular process skids, and the like is extremely expensive. So, you want that initial quality to last you as long as possible, and if you refinishing something you can bet the finish we're putting on that big job was better than the original. It'll be better than new. 

We've got quite a lot of room to work with, a 22' x 10' x 10' curing oven and a booth to match means we can take on jobs like this salt spreading hopper, which frankly isn't even close to the biggest thing we've powder coated.