Powder Coating

Our name may be a little misleading Naylor's Custom Metal Cutting does in fact cut metal custom to size and shape and dimension for its customers and the community. But powder coating is what sets us apart from other fabrication shops. We've been doing weird stuff with powder coating since Ben started this business in his garage 10 years ago. Faded translucent multi-coat processes with decorative additives are really pretty hard to get right. But we did it right for over 6 years and that made more practical powder coating easy by comparison.

Spiral Stair Case Tread Plate   Ford Light Blue    Soft Orange   Edges  FJR MFG Vac Plate
We work with businesses big and small and with anyone who wants to use powder coating to finish their jobs. We've done all types of jobs, and bear with me there are a lot of lists in this article, truck/car chassis, wheels, modular process skids, spiral staircases, railings, lawn decorations, patio furniture, trailers, ATV frames, machine parts, brush guards we've even powder coated wood, glass, and yes I've tried powder coating plastic. Unsuccessfully, but I'm willing to give it another go.

We can apply any coating your looking for; high temp, super durable, zinc rich, zinc free, TGIC & TGIC free, epoxy, acrylics, fluoropolymers, candy aka translucent, color changing, chrome coats, anti-graffiti, multi-coat finishes, prismatic additives, non-stick, textured, vein finish, hammer tone, metallic, and this list gets longer every day because powder coating suppliers are churning out new products all the time. Frankly, it's hard for an applicator to stay up to date in the latest coatings technologies.

There are coatings that we do not do and powder coating isn't for everything! But I'll list off a few industries that lean on powder coating; we have appliances, automobiles, chemical companies, construction materials, robotics and technology, food processing, oil and gas, this is a list that can go on and on as well because as powder coating suppliers keep making cutting edge finishes new industries want to use them. There are plenty of finishing processes that we don't do that certainly have their advantages over powder coating. PVD, plating, galvanizing, wet paint, hot dip, and fluid dipping are all things we don't do. And they certainly all have their uses in a wide array of industries. But we specialize in powder coating.

We work with many different suppliers and carry powders from Tiger Drylac, Columbia Coatings, Eastwood Hot Coat, Forrest Technical Coatings, Cerakote, TCI Coatings, Prismatic, Sherwin Williams, and we're willing to work with any supplier in order to get the powder your project needs.

Big Frame    Aluminum Gates    Western Terminal Frame

                                                                           Oh and if you can't tell. We do have a favorite color. It's Black.