Bandsaws may seem so simple that they've been around forever but it's a just another industrial revolution breakthrough. The first patent was filed in 1809 by and englishman but welding techniques weren't good enough to keep the blades from breaking while going through thick metals. So it wasn't until 40 years after that when an Anne Paulin Crepin developed a welding technique that produced a tougher blade. In addition to better hardening practices it help to popularize bandsaws and replace reciprical saw blades.

We have a few bandsaws in our shop, with different uses for each of them a HE&M saw with an 18" auto feed table for those 'set it and forget it' types of jobs. As well as cutting bundles of square tubing or flat stock. A verticle DoALL pedistal style bandsaw, for more fine, more complicated work. And a much large horiztonal bandsaw with a very large vise for cutting big wide peices of steel.

Bandsaws are a tried and true method for cutting steel and we use the practice nearly everyday.