Metal Cutting

Our goal is always to make cutting metal as easy as possible for customers and the community, bring us the sign you drew up at the bar you'd like us to make so you can hang it in your garage, show us the brackets you need to help support your sagging deck, tell us the font you want your kids name cut out of steel in. We'll make it, easy. We have cutting software that requires no drafting so basic shapes can be cut out on the spot, without having to wait for (pay for) drawing and nesting time. And maybe the Best Part About us, let us know what material you need and how long, we'll get it cut to length for you and it will be cheaper. Cheaper than what, than anyone else because we'll shop price and beat 'em. There's no reason individuals should pay top dollar for metal materials in our opinion, it goes against our attitude of making metal simple.

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Metal Cutting doesn't aptly explain all the things that we can do, there are a lot of ways to make metal do what you need it to do and cutting it is just the start. We can cut materials to length using any number of tools we have here in the shop. Cold Saw for mill quality cuts that are always true, bandsaw for cutting large quantities of parts also very accurate, the portable bandsaw for cutting up stuff that doesn't need to be perfect, shearing parts is also and option when time is the main factor. So yes we cut metal to length in several ways however we can also cut any 2-dimensional shape with our CNC plasma table. And that's where we got the name Naylors Custom Metal Cutting. 

We've spend years cutting butterflies, pumpkins, christmas ornaments, dragonflies, letters, numbers, and other decorative stuff. We know how to utilize relief bends so a person can fold steel like paper and make things like candle holders, lanterns, boxes and shelves.  That makes stuff like plates with holes, or circles a cake walk no matter the thickness. Well that's not true our max is 1.25" if you need thicker we'll refer you to a guy with a flame table. 

We can create simple shapes on the spot with no drawing or nesting time; rectangular parts, rectangular parts with rounded corners and holes, and circles. That means you can walk in with your plate and your dimensions in hand and we can cut it out on the spot, no waiting, no drafting, no engineer trying to make a big deal out of nothing. We make metal cutting easy.