Fabrication Capabilities

When someone asks what Naylors Custom Metal Cutting does, my short answer is "We make things out of metal, and then we powder coat them" if they have anymore questions I'll get into specifics and start rattling off our machines, because our equipment is what we can do. And if they know what we have, and what we can do they have a sense of who exactly we are. All of our equipment is 3 phase

Saws: Scotchman Mitreing Coldsaw
            HE&M autofeed bandsaw w/ 10" vise
          Grob verticle bandsaw
          DoAll verticle bandsaw
          Milwaukee portable bandsaw

Mills: 1.5hp Bridgeport verticle mill
         1.5hp Bridgeport verticle mill (powered x-axis w/ digital read out)
         Variety of Drill Presses 

Lathes: Pratt & Whitney 38" bed 9" swing
            LeBlond: 34" bed 8" swing
            Hershel & Schnell 24" bed 7" swing

Bending: 60 Ton Wysong CNC Brake Press

Rolling: Simasv Hydralic Ring Roller 4" width

There's more and I know I'm skipping plenty of things but what we want is versatility, and having the right equipment for whatever job demands.