Welding Capabilities

Welding is central to NCMC, we've taken big strides in expanding our capabilities and like in all aspects of our business we continue to improve. We started with  302 Dimension and a 250DX and that's all we had, two solid machines. But we needed range for big projects, so we found ourselves a boom welder. Then we needed a machine that specialized in thin gauge materials so in came the 350P, and then a new welding shop needed a new 350LX and another 452 Deltaweld boom welder for that area. And when we're decided we needed a dedicated aluminum MIG welder the 350P got a load out. We're always expanding our knowledge trying to find the best way forward.

MIG/Flux: Miller Dimension 302 
               Millermatic 350P Pulse MIG 
               Miller Deltaweld 452 x2
               Miller Deltaweld 652 
               Lincoln Weld-Pak 125 

TIG/Stick: Miller Syncrowave 250DX
                Miller Syncrowave 350LX

Spot: Miller 220V - 90 amps - Portable

Portable: Miller Bobcat 250 

We've got the right unit for the job, whether it's stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or even some of the trickier stuff like castings or copper.