Welding Capabilities

Welding is central to NCMC, we've taken big strides in expanding our capabilities and like in all aspects of our business we continue to improve. We started with  302 Dimension and a 250DX and that's all we had, two solid machines. But we needed range for big projects, so we found ourselves a boom welder. Then we needed a machine that specialized in thin gauge materials so in came the 350P, and then a new welding shop needed a new 350LX and another 452 Deltaweld boom welder for that area. And when we're decided we needed a dedicated aluminum MIG welder the 350P got a load out. We're always expanding our knowledge trying to find the best way forward.

MIG/Flux: Miller Dimension 302 
               Millermatic 350P Pulse MIG 
               Miller Deltaweld 452 x2
               Miller Deltaweld 652 
               Lincoln Weld-Pak 125 

TIG/Stick: Miller Syncrowave 250DX
                Miller Syncrowave 350LX

Spot: Miller 220V - 90 amps - Portable

Portable: Miller Bobcat 250 

We've got the right unit for the job, whether it's stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or even some of the trickier stuff like castings or copper.

Powder Coating Capabilities

We've got experiance. Ben started powder coating out of a kitchen oven. Then a 4x4x6 electric oven. His booth was a wood shack with a box fan in the window, we applied complicated 5 coat processes with a cheap hotcoat gun from Eastwood (Good unit btw) We've graduated to a big batch oven, a 25hp cross draft booth, and a Gema powder coating unit. State of the art technology in the hands of guys who've made do with much less. 

Oven Size: 22 x 10 x 10'

Booth Size: 18 x 16 x 10'

Powder Coating: Gema Optiflex 2

Quality Control: Defelsko PosiTest
                        Defelsko PosiTector PC
Quality equipment in the hands of people who know what they're doing. Hard to find this level of professionalism in a small business setting.

Fabrication Capabilities

When someone asks what Naylors Custom Metal Cutting does, my short answer is "We make things out of metal, and then we powder coat them" if they have anymore questions I'll get into specifics and start rattling off our machines, because our equipment is what we can do. And if they know what we have, and what we can do they have a sense of who exactly we are. All of our equipment is 3 phase

Saws: Scotchman Mitreing Coldsaw
            HE&M autofeed bandsaw w/ 10" vise
          Grob verticle bandsaw
          DoAll verticle bandsaw
          Milwaukee portable bandsaw

Mills: 1.5hp Bridgeport verticle mill
         1.5hp Bridgeport verticle mill (powered x-axis w/ digital read out)
         Variety of Drill Presses 

Lathes: Pratt & Whitney 38" bed 9" swing
            LeBlond: 34" bed 8" swing
            Hershel & Schnell 24" bed 7" swing

Bending: 60 Ton Wysong CNC Brake Press

Rolling: Simasv Hydralic Ring Roller 4" width

There's more and I know I'm skipping plenty of things but what we want is versatility, and having the right equipment for whatever job demands.  

Abrasive Blasting Capabilities

We're always on the lookout for good deals on Abrasive Blasting equipment. Abrasive blasting is essential to our powder coating process, and is in our opinion the best metal cleaning process for it; because of the rough surface it leaves behind. 

Room size: 22 x 18 x 12ft
Door size: 10 x 10 x 9ft
Compressors: 15hp IngersollRand & 25hp Quincey
Dust Collection: 15hp Sternvent Baghouse
Blast System: 35gal Empire Pot with Cyclone Reclaim system
PPE: Nova 3 Helmet & Bullard air pump (Air-conditioned)

We run our blaster with a #5 nozzle, an electric controller, a Western Technologies switch, and a Western Technology blast light. In sandblasting good vision, comfort, and ease of use is everything, and that's what we believe we've accomplished in our system and we'll continue to improve.