Naylor's Custom Metal now has an Ironworker!
The name Scotchman is synonymous with the word Ironworker.
So we knew they were the right company for us, we value quality and over building over anything else.

The DO 70/110-24M is the Swiss Army knife of metal working; punching, notching, shearing, bending, and more.
Scotchman provides custom tooling so almost anything we can come up with there's a tool for it.
Now we're capable of turning out steel parts cut and punched to spec faster and in larger volumnes than ever.
It also means the small jobs get even smaller, easier and less expensive for our customers.
We still value the precision of a mill quality hole, and will continue to service our customers needs.
But this gives us the flexibility to choose between other processes for executing jobs.

Naylor's Custom Metal is West Bends Powder Coating Company!
Get your rusty old to-do projects in here and get them cleaned up! 
We're renting our Abrasive Blasting equipment for DIYers and small businesses alike.
Stretch your dollar by doing the dirty work yourself & reinvest in some quality.
Once the metal cleaning is done powder coating is the inexpensive part!
We can apply any powder coating for any application.
Super durable polyester top coats, zinc-rich primers, heat resistant coatings, and decorative finishes,
$50/hr for sandblaster rental in our 20x20x10 sandblasting room.

Call us at 1 (262) 353-9600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule an appointment.

Naylor's Customer Metal Cutting Welcomes You!

Welcome to Naylor's Custom Metal Cutting, a one of a kind welding, fabrication and powder coating company located in West Bend Wisconsin.

We're a small business doing big things!

NCMC provides a wide range of services that will meet your needs; including powder coating, welding, abrasive blasting, rolling & bending and of course plasma cutting. We can design, fit, weld, sandblast, powder coat & package your project all under one roof. We have the capabilities of big production companies with a small business mentality where everything we do is scrutinized, and quality is paramount. 

We take on new jobs with confidence in our experience and a willingness to learn and invest in new practices in order to do the job right and exceed expectations.

We're regularly updating the website with new additions in machinery, capabilities and renovations. So browse the page or check us out on Facebook where we're constantly uploading pictures of projects and anything else around here that's photo worthy. 


Welding is essential of course to everything we do, we're capable of fabricating and welding any common material, using any common process. So TIG, MIG, Stick, Flux, and spot welding are all in our wheel house, and we can apply those methods to steel, stainless, aluminum and castings. We have no problem taking on jobs big and small we have the capacity to handle huge projects and the time to fix your lawn mower. One of our specialties are modular process skids, we can take your drawings make sense of them and make a one of a kind frame tailored to the customer. Ben the owner and lead fabricator will work with you personally from beginning to end to see that your specifications are met and you're satisfied with our work. 

 Long Tigs
Click on Welding and Fabrication follow the link.

Powder Coating

We're just a small West Bend WI company pushing the limits of the powder coating industry. We can do amazing things with powder coating utilizing mulitple layer techniques that some companies don't even know of! Now powder coating isn't all about flash it's also about being practical. We've done high visability, mil spec, chemical resistant, high temp as well as the more standard ployester TGIC and TGIC-free colors. Epoxy, acrylic, fade work with prismatic, whatever you need we can do it for you. 


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Metal Cutting

Metal cutting.. it's in the name! We've always sought to be the CNC plasma cutters for metal workers, artists, construction companies, mechanics, hobbyists and specialty manufacturers in West Bend, Washington County and the surrounding area. We can take your DXF or TAP files and cut out your drawings or design from blue print even a sketch on a napkin we'll work with you to figure it out. We also are equipped to cut materials and drill materials to size and fit using coldsaws, bandsaws, drill presses and milling machines. We really make anything out of metal. And now with our newest additon we can shear, punch, notch and bend any of your small jobs. Brackets, plates, whatever you need let us know!


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Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is a major part of our business. Everything we powder coat gets a thorough sandblasting first to ensure our finishes last as long as possible, we also us it to finish stainless steels using glass to polish it up and give it a shine. Aside from our 22 x 18ft sandblasting room we have a blast cabinet for small work. If you're interested in renting our sandblasting room or blast cabinet, click on the image below. Our newly renovated room includes HID LED overhead adjustable lights, air conditioned Nova 3000 hood, up to 3 air compressors for continuous air pressure, and of course the professionals at Naylors Custom Metal Cutting.


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